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Enhance your golf club's

We offer effective and targeted communication solutions that help golf clubs modernise, save time and engage

Modernise your club's communications platform to enhance every member's experience

Sky Sports' Sarah Stirk explains the benefits of Golf Club Media's solution for the country's best golf clubs.

A growing network of over 100 UK clubs

Meet the GMs

Stephen Follett, The London Club
Stephen Follett, The London Club
James Levick, St Austell Golf Club
James Levick, General Manager, Mullion GC
Scott Clarke, Boyce Hill GC
Scott Clarke, Boyce Hill GC
Matt Mayfield, Harewood Downs GC
Matt Mayfield, Harewood Downs GC
James Irvine, Radyr Golf Club
James Irvine, Radyr GC
Keith Wild, Workington GC
Keith Wild, Workington GC
Pete Simmons, Truro Golf Club
Pete Simmons, Truro GC

How can Golf Club Media support your club?

How we help the UK's leading golf clubs modernise, save time and engage.
  • No More Noticeboards
    A solution to the challenge all clubs face: keeping noticeboards up to date. Our solution incorporates an interactive touchscreen that streamlines all the important information for your members, visitors and guests.
  • Member interaction
    We aim to enhance and revolutionise golf club member interaction. Our objective is to make it as simple as possible for clubs to deliver member and guest communications across every platform, at the touch of a button.
  • Expertise
    We bring a cross party wealth of skills and knowledge in golf management and media, all backed up by our technical partner, Philips.
  • Research-led
    We've developed our solution in partnership with leading golf operations professionals, with the aim of making it as effective and easy to use as possible.

Powered by Philips

Philips' state-of-the-art 55" touchscreen panels have been chosen by Golf Club Media for their flexibility, performance and reliability.

Bringing content to life and engaging users with the very best touch experience, Philips interactive displays deliver a best-in-class digital experience for your club, and come with a 5 year warranty.

Powered by Philips screens
“The beauty of this platform is its ability to do everything, as opposed to four different platforms that do four different things.”
Karl Hepple, Director of Golf at Stoke By Nayland

Why partner with Golf Club Media?

Golf Club Media offers effective and targeted communication solutions within premium golf clubs.


Our digital touchscreens and advertising panels turn your golf club into an unbeatable, can’t-miss experience for your customers.

Save time

There's no need to duplicate messages to different areas of the club, everything can be sent to the touchscreen at the push of a button.


Easily provide members and guests with up-to-date information on course updates, member benefits, promotions and events.

How are the screens maintained?

Our partnership with Philips means we have access to a dedicated team of engineers to maintain and look after the screens, at no cost to you.

Will it integrate with our current club software?

Though you can extensively tailor the on-screen content, our platform doesn't integrate with club software, for a very important reason. We've carefully designed it to help you provide your members with a balanced, easy-to-use experience for the many aspects of club life, liberating you from the traditional noticeboard free-for-alls where the latest or largest notices dominate member attention.
“This moves in line with technology and enables the club to provide up-to-date communication with its members.”
Scott Clark, General Manager of Boyce Hill Golf Club

Our team

We combine decades of golf, club management and media expertise.
Ben Phillips, Operations Director, GC Media


Media Director
    Ben has over 15 years’ experience in the golf industry with the majority of that time developing and delivering tech solutions for golf events. He has worked alongside national and global brands delivering exceptional experiences for clients.
    Phil Grice, Venue Director, GC Media


    Venue Director
      A progressive and proven leader in transformation within the golf and hospitality industry. From leading industry associations to delivering ground breaking projects over a sustained period, Phil has a unique knowledge and experience that has delivered unparalleled growth and transformation.
      Harry Brister, Account Executive, GC Media

      Harry Brister

      Account Executive
        Harry is a former professional golfer and has worked in the industry for 9 years. Having worked in golf clubs for most of his working life, Harry is well versed in golf club operations and his creative flair means he is well placed in looking after all the GC Media venues.

        Club Management Association of Europe Partner

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